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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you charge for a check-out?

A: No, estimates are FREE.

Q: Can you reglue or resew headliners?

A: Not usually. On newer cars due to the deteriorated foam backing it will not allow glue to stick to the headliner board. On older bowhead liners you need to remove the headliner to restitch so you might as well replace it.

Q: Do you do vinyl repairs or liquid fill-ins?

A: No. The time involved with filling in a crack is the same or more than just replacing the panel and making it look factory original. Plus, you get a warranty on the work.

Q: Do you do any interior dyeing?

A: Only as a last resort. If there is no way to cover a specific part, we can spray it or get it done through one of our partner businesses

Q: Can you upholster furniture?

A: Yes, Usually antiques, family heirlooms or one of a kind pieces. We also do RV furniture/interiors.

Q: Can You rebuild boat seats or marine components?

A: Yes. We can completely rebuild/redesign and/or reglass marine interior components. If you need major exterior or structural glass work done one of our partner businesses can do it.


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